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On April 19, 2001, my three years and seven months hard dealings with the demons of Masanjia Prison ended. I will never forget this day until I die … One by one, the vicious guards brought out all the Falun Gong practitioners that they normally tortured brutally but were unable to “transform” … The nine of us were placed in nine different rooms, I was in the first room where four men were already waiting. When I went to the toilet, I saw more than 30 men of different ages sleeping on the floor of a large room.

After watching the documentary film “Above the Ghosts’ Heads: The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp”,my heart could no longer remain calm, memories of the past once again unfolded in my head. Whenever I think of the sinful Masanjia, my heart bleeds.
[“Above the Heads of Ghosts” was made by Mr. Du Bin, a New York Times photographer and published internationally, including in China, on the web on May 1, 2013. It documents the horrendous torture of female inmates, including petitioners and Falun Gong practitioners, who were abused at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in China’s northern Liaoning Province. Please refer to the links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFEl7oophB0 The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp and http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/23649-women-above-ghosts-head/ ‘Women Above Ghost’s Head’ A documentary about torture at China’s Masanjia labor camp.]


1. Being Reeducated Through Labor for Trying to be a Good Person


My name is Yin Liping, I am 45 years old this year. It was in late October 1998 that I first read the book “Zhuan Falun.” At the time, I didn’t know this was a book guiding people to cultivate, I just felt this was a very good book, and it provided directions for me to be a good person. I wanted to follow the guidance of this book to be a good person in society in my daily life. 〔“Zhuan Falun” is the main text of Falun Gong(or Falun Dafa). 〕

Little did I expect the changes that happened to me in 1999. [This was the year the persecution of Falun Gong began. Before then it was practiced in parks, factories, and any public or private place throughout China. The Chinese Communist Party estimated there were seventy million people practicing. This is now considered a conservative estimate.] In July 1999, many people from the local street police station (Diaobingshan City, previously Tiefa City, under the jurisdiction of Tieling) came to my house investigating whether I was practicing Falun Gong. They searched my house for Falun Gong books. My younger brother Yin Xianwu and I tried to reason with them by saying that the books were published legally, that we bought them in a supermarket, and that they could not take what people bought. They said it was an order from higher-ups to search for the books. My brother and I strongly resisted these people’s illegal conduct. As a result, we were considered the “key” target by the local police.

After July 20, [when the persecution was escalated, see http://en.minghui.org/cc/3/ for dates] they sent people to my home every day to monitor, to stay and watch, and to harass. Police cars and motorcycles appeared constantly. My young child was frightened and did not know where to hide. There wasn’t a single day of peace in my home. I asked the Secretary (a middle-aged man, I don’t remember his name) of Xiaoming County why he was interfering with my normal home life. He said, “You think we want to come to your home because we have nothing to do? We were sent by the higher-ups! If you had the means, you could look for and talk to Jiang Zemin, and then, not just you, but we would also be relieved!

被逼无奈,我把不到七岁的孩子留给了我的母亲,我和我弟弟走上了进京上访的路。没有想到的是,北京龙凤宾馆那里早已安排了当地的截访警察,一九九九年的九月我们被截访警察绑架回当地看守所(现调兵山看守所),一个月后我们被放出,回到家后才得知我的母亲被警察骗走九千五百多元,我和我弟弟才被放回(参见明慧网【明慧网2004年8月5日】http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2004/8/5/81039.html 辽宁调兵山市警察李伟执法犯法、勒索大法弟子钱财)。我弟弟被放回时脸色苍白,一米八四的个子瘦的不到一百一十斤。我们在看守所的一个月里被强迫做花(手工),背监规,强制打针,警察说是预防针,我用生命去抵抗这种强制不明行为。For lack of a better option, I sent my seven–year-old child to my mother so that my brother and I could go to Beijing to petition. Unexpectedly, Dragon Hotel, where we stayed, in Beijing had long arranged interceptions by the local police. We were abducted by them and sent back to the local police station (now Diaobingshan Detention Center) in September 1999 and were released one month later. Upon returning home, I learned that the police cheated my mother out of 9,500 RMB to have my brother and I released. When my brother was released, he looked pale and thin. He was 184cm in height but weighed only 55kg. During the month of detention, we were forced to make artificial flowers by hand, recite the prison rules, and were given injections that the police claimed to be immunization shots. I used all my strength to resist this kind of strong-armed, unsanctioned behavior.

After returning home, the surveillance of my brother and myself became even more intense. Two people from the police station and street staff were in my house every day. At the time, my home was truly in great turmoil from their disturbance. My child was so scared that he often sat up and cried during the night because of dreadful dreams, and I was unable to calm him down no matter what I did. We were no longer able to have a normal life. Every one of them said,that they were sent by higher-ups and came to the house unwillingly.”If you don’t wish to submit to this,” they said, “you could appeal to President Jiang Zemin.”

In desperation, I once again took their advice and made the journey to Beijing to appeal. (I still had great delusion about the regime at the time.) I didn’t expect that my petitioning at this time would make me an active witness with personal experience of the wicked CCP’s persecution of the group of people believing in the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

During the time between October 1999 and January 7, 2000, I twice appealed and was twice abducted and detained in Diaobingshan Detention Center.

A little after 10am on January 7, 2000, a very snowy and unusually cold day, two other Falun Gong practitioners and I were abducted in a white van. Two guards were in the van, one of them held a file bag in his hand and next to them were two electric batons. They were quiet the whole way. When the van drove by the front door of my house, I realized that they were not taking us home.


2. Tieling Labor Camp: Electric Shock, Slavery, Being Beaten to Death Counting as Suicide

Only after the van had driven for an hour or so, we got to know we were being sent to Tieling Forced Labor Camp. Only when we were forcibly body searched naked did we hear from the female guards that we were to be reeducated-through-labor. A female guard said that we were now subjects of reeducation-through-labor and were to obey all rules there. They said they had every means to make us obey. Because I hadn’t practiced Falun Gong long, my term was 1.5 years while the terms of the other two fellow Falun Gong practitioners who had traveled with me were two years and three years.

Tieling Forced Labor Camp was a place for men. It used to be used to illegally detain many male Falun Gong practitioners. This camp specifically formed a female team for Falun Gong practitioners. We were illegally jailed on the third floor while the first and second floors were for male inmate. When I got there, the camp already jailed 25 female Falun Gong practitioners from Tieling, Kaiyuan, Changtu, Diaobingshan (formerly Tiefa City), etc.

On the day I arrived, a female guard told me that whoever practiced Falun Gong would be placed in confinement cell like Zhang Yan. At the time, Zhang had been in there all day and all night already. I heard from a fellow practitioner that the vicious Guard Wang Zhibin had beaten all of Zhang’s sensitive parts with an electric baton. At the same time her sister was also being persecuted. The vicious guards made her sister stretch out her arms, pressed a wooden stool on each arm, and then electric shocked her from the back. A fellow practitioner told me, the worst cruelty was when Jin Zhenyu (an ethnic Korean Falun Gong practitioner) was electric shocked, the guards made her mother Jin Shuzi watch and listen to her daughter’s screams. The same treatment was used on Falun Gong practitioner Liu Fei. The guards made her listen to her sister Liu Jun’s screams from being electric shocked. A Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Shuxia from Kaiyuan rolled all over the floor and screamed from being electric shocked by the vicious guard Wang Zhibin. Later on, Zhang told me the complete story of her persecution. For more persecution information, please visit,
“Electric Shocks, Slavery and Violent Brainwashing – the Persecution of Female Falun Gong Practitioners by the Forced Labor Camp at Tieling City, Liaoning Province”

Unable to believe the government would take such spiteful action against a group of people practicing “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” 25 Falun Gong practitioners went on hunger strike to protest. I arrived there at this time when Falun Gong practitioners were collectively not eating to strive for their rights. Downstairs, a male Falun Gong practitioner, Yu Zhanjiang, also refused to eat to support the female practitioners. He was beaten beyond recognition by the ruthless guards. He almost lost an ear that took lots of stitches to save it. When he was beaten, the whole floor could hear it. It felt like as if the floor was shaking. When I saw him a few days later, his head, including his ears, was wrapped up and his eyes were so bruised and swollen only a thin slit was left between his eyelids.

One day, I was summoned by the wicked guard Wang Zhibin to the office. Two large electric batons were lying on the desk. He asked me whether I still practiced Falun Gong here, and asked me to admit crime and sign the “Repentance Statement.” I asked him in return what crime had I committed to be jailed in this Camp. He said I committed the crime of “Disturbing Public Order” as written on my reeducation notes. I asked him if my petition in Beijing was what they called “Disturbing Public Order” and which stipulation in the Chinese Constitution indicated it was so. He said, “You were sentenced by the Public Safety Bureau, our Camp had nothing to do with it.” He also said that, with respect to Falun Gong, the higher-ups had already dispatched an internal document. He casually put the document on the desk for me to read. It was the policy of “Beaten to Death Counting as Death in Vain.” I said whoever carried out this order would be a sinner throughout all ages. He heard what I said and didn’t torture me. In that month, we were forced to go outside to a world of ice and snow to manually dig ditches. The winter of northeast China is very cold. It was 20 to 30℃ below zero that year and male Falun Gong practitioners were forced to go outside to be enslaved in such severe winter conditions every day.

In Tieling Forced Labor Camp, we got up before 6 a.m. every morning, ate half-cooked cornmeal, large sticky rice cake and soup made of unwashed dirty cabbage and radish covered with worms,. Many male prisoners worked outdoors without cotton-padded shoes. One morning, we were standing in line in the canteen for breakfast when I saw a 17 or 18-year-old boy wearing a pair of summer slippers in this cold winter. Both his feet were blackish purple from freezing. I was unable to take in what I saw: were our country’s Labor Camps really like this? So inhumane? How much pain would this boy’s mother feel if she saw this! I could not just do nothing anymore. Disregarding my own safety, I ran over to the outdoor working group, pulled the boy out of the group, put my snow shoes on him and put his frozen summer slippers on me. In less than two minutes, my feet were freezing so cold that I could hardly bear it. The boy was very touched yet did not know what to do.

This was merely a small tip of the iceberg of what I saw in Tieling Forced Labor Camp.

On the day of January 30, 2000, many guards unknown to us and several large buses came to Tieling Labor Camp all of a sudden. The 25 of us who were Falun Gong practitioners didn’t know what was happening. We were forcibly handcuffed in twos and boarded on the bus where two female guards and two male guards who we had never seen before had four big electric batons.


3. Liaoyang Forced Labor Camp Enslaved Falun Gong Practitioners

In November, 1999, Liaoyang Forced Labor Camp formed a women’s team for Falun Gong, the Political Commissar of the Camp in charge of persecuting Falun Gong was Zou Huatian, the Captain was Sun Aiqin, vice Captain surnamed Yin, and four team leaders; Gu Yu, Zhang Wei, Huo Yan, and Chu (surname).

As soon as we got there, we were forcibly body searched, before the search was over, we heard the noise of guards upstairs beating Falun Gong practitioner Hu Ying, because the Deputy Brigade Captain Yin found Dafa books when rummaging in her luggage. When I saw Hu, her face was swollen and red from beating. After that, we were all thoroughly searched including the whole body, the collar, underpants, and everything, even the cotton in quilts and rice husk in pillows were all pulled out. For more persecution information of Hu Ying at the time, please visit,
“Ms. Hu Ying from Diaobingshan City Describes the Persecution She Experienced over the Past Eight Years.”

I was allotted No.2 Brigade. What followed was slavery day and night every day as we were used as money-making tools. The handmade products we made were all exported to foreign countries. We had to work more than 20 hours a day, we were not allowed to sleep if the assigned quota was not completed. In order to achieve the purpose of “transforming” us, we could only sleep after mid-night, even on holidays. Those who were not “transformed” were not allowed to sleep until after 2 or 3 a.m. after mid-night, and still got up at 5:30 like everyone else. Only ten minutes were allowed to wash and to use the toilet, not a minute more, whether the act of discharge was completed or not, one had to come out of the toilet room. Older Falun Gong practitioners with symptoms of illness, were not taken care of but, moreover, had to work until after mid-night. Because I was not “transformed,” I was not allowed to rest. I had to do hard labor during the day and bind flowers at night. I was not allowed to sleep; whenever I was seen dozing off, the guards would beat me up and say, “no `transformation,’ no sleep.”

Outdoor work was digging tree pits, leveling ground, tearing open cement bags, etc. Work in the rolling steel mill was pressing steel, loading steel rods, making asbestos tiles, laying tracks, etc.

The four of us, Gao Jinling (now dead from persecution by the sinful CCP), Zhang Yan, Kou Xiaokun, and I, were sent to the steel mill. (Later on, they were replaced by other Falun Gong practitioners, but I was never replaced, I remained there until the entire batch was completed.) Every day, the four of us had to press eight to nine tons of steel bars. If we finished pressing all the bars, we would be sent to other steel mills to get them. Because all the steel bars they bought were left over materials which were piled up in the yard like a small mountain, we had to pull them out one by one from piles several meters high and load them on a truck. The bars were one to three meters long, about one inch wide, the edges of each bar had sharp saw cut teeth. The four of us had to fill a large truck (four to five tons) in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Because the weather was blistering hot (37 to 38℃), we were all very sweaty. The cotton gloves we bought ourselves would be torn by the steel bars within a day, we either had to mend it or couldn’t use it again. My hands and arms were covered with bleeding cuts by the sharp edges of steel bars. Due to the hot weather, our skins were blistered from touching the hot steel strips, and our faces look liked like a black person’s from the sunburn; only our teeth remained white. The guards slyly laughed at our looks and said that looking at us made them feel as if they were in a foreign country, meaning that they saw black people.

One day when we were loading the truck, I suddenly saw Gao Jinling’s shoes were full of blood. I looked again and saw her lower body and pants were also bloody. We told the guards, but Captain Zhu ignored us. We first thought she didn’t bring sanitary pads, so we handed her the towels we used to wipe off sweat. But the towels were useless, she was still bleeding incessantly. Inside her shoes were filled with blood and her face turned pale. We were so worried that we let go the steel bars in our hands to take care of her. In this critical live and death moment, Captain Zhu still asked us to continue working. I urgently asked Zhu to come over and take a look as Gao began to bleed in large quantities and she was dying. This time, fearful that she might die, the guards let us take Gao back to the Camp. When Gao was taken to the health center, her situation was quite critical, her lips and face were colorless. I heard that the health center gave her a hemostasis shot to stop the bleeding. Even when in such condition, Captain Sun Aiqin did not let her rest on a bed but made her lie on the concrete floor of the cell for the afternoon. The Captain said it was militarization management here in the Camp as Gao was not allowed to mess up the bed. The next day, Gao was brought to sit in the workroom even though she was unable to work.

After that, Zhang Yan passed out on a three-meter-high steel pile. As a consequence, we got to drink warm water occasionally, and once even green bean soup, because they were afraid that they would not earn money if we all got sick. Later on, we learned that Sun Aiqin took outside contract work through connections. She would get 100 to 150 RMB a day for each of us out working. The work we did was harder than that of male prisoners.

Even though we did hard labour, we still had to bind flowers late into the night after coming back, sometimes all night without rest. After three days, most of my hair turned white, my eyes were bloodshot, all my ten fingers were badly mangled with the loops and whorls all blurred from binding the flowers, my arms were full of bleeding cuts from steel strips and would be cut again the next day before healing. My whole body was in such pain that I was unable to get on the bed late at night.

We were also forced to make asbestos tiles that required gas masks if handled, but we were not provided with these. The furry airborne thorns disappeared soon after they got on our skin. We were dazed and vomiting continuously from inhaling the airborne fibers.

Later on, I was so exhausted from overwork, I often spate mouthfuls of blood. Once I spurted blood all over the bathroom tiles, but the guards didn’t allow me to rest for a brief moment.

Vice Captain Yin and I shared the same family name Yin. Because of this, when she was on duty and no other guards were around, she would ask me to go to her office to explain the truth about Falun Gong. When I spat blood, she secretly offered me some bean milk. When I refused, she told me, “The orders from the higher-ups are that the death of you Falun Gong practitioners will be counted as death in vain. So come on, drink. Keeping yourself alive is the main thing.” Yin used to beat Falun Gong practitioners. After understanding the truth about Falun Gong, she began to protect practitioners quietly and said just words for Falun Gong practitioners. She was soon demoted to a lower rank and transferred to another department.

I used to weigh more than 150 catty (75kg).In a few months I weighed less than 120 catty, and my menstruation stopped. In Liaoyang Labor Camp, we were not allowed to have breaks and conversations. Slaves that we saw in the movies could rest and sleep, but Falun Gong practitioners here couldn’t. Nothing was allowed here, including seeing our families and children.

Older practitioners were not taken care of when they appeared to have physical problems. There was a Falun Gong practitioners Li Yuqin, 65 years old at the time, both her legs were swollen because of sitting on a cold wooden bench for too long. She found a piece of cloth to place under her butt. Team leader Zhang Wei saw it, yanked the cloth out, and slapped the elderly woman backhanded, cursing her at the same time non-stop. This was a scene I saw with my own eyes.

This kind of overloaded labor was physically hard to bear. One day, Wang Shufang had less than three hours left to sleep, she wanted to use this time to meditate a while to amend her strength. As she was getting ready, Captain Sun Aiqin was going passed to the toilet room and saw Wang. The Captain fetched the key from her office, opened the door, dragged down Wang from the upper bunk next to me, took off the shoes, and beat her ferociously.

寇小坤是辽阳的法轮功学员,她就坐在我的对面干活,有一天她被警察霍艳叫出去不到半个小时就被带回来了,她被带回来时脸、嘴、鼻子和脖子都是水泡和青紫,衣服都是湿的。因为那里不让讲话,我们就跟聋哑人一样,无法问到她那半个多小时发生了什么,后来才知道,原来警察翻号时在她的床铺翻到了一篇名为《浅说善》的经文,警察霍艳把她带到大队长室时,大队长孙爱勤和四个小队长早已把电棍准备好等在那里,她告诉我说:大队长孙爱勤手拿那篇《浅说善》经文,原来警察翻号时在她的床铺翻到了一篇名为《浅说善》的经文(法轮功创始人李洪志先生写的一篇短文,这篇文章的连结: http://gb.falundafa.org/chigb/jjyz_45.htm),警察霍艳把她带到大队长室时,大队长孙爱勤和四个小队长早已把电棍准备好等在那里,上来对她就是一顿拳打脚踢,其他队长也一拥而上,然后由四个队长把她的头摁在桌子上,大队长孙爱勤把那篇《浅说善》经文撕碎、泡在水杯里,由其中一个小队长往她的嘴里灌,孙爱勤大队长拿起电棍就电击她的嘴,边电边发疯似的问她经文是从哪里来的。寇小坤说那是一篇《浅说善》,请你看一看,孙爱勤根本不听,不说出经文是哪里来的就把电棍插到她的嘴里电,同时寇小坤还被四个队长摁著,她跟我说当时就感到人快要窒息了。
A Falun Gong practitioner Kou Xiaokun from Liaoyang was sitting across from me at work. One day, Guard Huo Yan called Kou away for some half an hour. When she came back, her face, mouth, nose and neck were all blistered and bruised, her clothes were all wet. Because conversation was not allowed there, like deaf-mute people, we could not ask her what had happened in that half an hour. We learned later that the guards found a Dafa article “A Brief Explanation of Shan” [the article by Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, can be read at http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/jjyz45.htm] when they turned over her bed during a search. When Guard Huo took her to the Captain’s office, Captain Sun Aiqin and four other team leaders were waiting with electric batons. Kuo told me that, Captain Sun held the article “A Brief Explanation of Shan” in her hand, approached her quickly, and punched and kicked her. Four other team leaders also rushed up in a crowd and pressed her head on the desk, Sun tore the article “A Brief Explanation of Shan” into pieces and soaked it in a glass of water,. Then one of the team leaders poured it in her mouth. Captain Sun picked up an electric baton shocked her in the mouth while madly asking her where the article was from. Kou Xiaokun said it was the article “A Brief Explanation of Shan”, please read it. Sun didn’t want to hear that at all. She pocked an electric baton in her mouth ready to electric shock her if she did not tell where the article was from. At the same time Kou was still pressed down by the four team leaders. She told me she felt she was being suffocated to death right then and there.

CCP’s Brutal Torture Reenactment: Shocking with Multiple Electric Batons

Once a team leader, Zhang Wei, found out that little Tan Qi was reciting Dafa scripture, she called her to the office, punched and kicked her. After brutally beating Tan, Captain Zang wasn’t willing to stop at that. She took out a knitting needle and stabbed Tan in the chest. The team leader went so far as to stab an under-18-year-old young girl! Little Tan pulled up her clothes to show us,. Her chest had lots of red pock holes with traces of blood.

Before Falun Gong practitioners arrived at Tieling Labor Camp, a Falun Gong practitioner, Lu Yanying from Liaoyang, was shocked in the mouth with an electric baton inserted into her mouth. When we saw her, her face had wounds from electric shock and yellow liquid dripping down from the top of her lips.

Because there was no “Transformation Rate” in Liaoyang Labor Camp for several months, the staff of the Camp went to Masanjia to learn. After coming back from Masanjia, they forced us to take turns to read the white book and watched tapes that slandered Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa’s Master. As I refused to read, a savage Guard, Huo Yan, called me to the Captain’s office and beat me up. At the time, Hu Ying, Zhang Yan, and little Tan Qi (under 18 years old) were already put in solitary confinement for refusing to read. Since the small cell was made at the last moment for us, it had room for three only, not the fourth, so I escaped the cruel persecution that time.

In the solitary cell, the vicious guards forced them to sit still with arms around their legs. It was summer time, their bottoms were rotten from sitting and bled with pus sticking on the sides of their pants. Every time they took off their pants to excrete, the pants would peel off the scabs that had formed over their sores. They were not given enough food to eat, only a small piece of corn flour pancake, and a few sips of corn porridge at a time. In the cell, tapes slandered Dafa were played to them every day. We could see everything that happened to them because the solitary cell was in the building where we lived. The small cells were made from a room specifically cleared out and divided by two boards into three small solitary confinement units. ,could take three people separately, and all had hanging cuffs and floor rings. We could see them every time we went to the toilet. Once confined in the small room, one would not be released if not “transformed” or having signed “Three Statements.” (Note: The Three Statements: Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief. The three statements consist of a letter of repentance, a guarantee to never again practice Falun Gong, and a list of names and addresses of all family members, friends and acquaintances who are practitioners, and, thus to betray their spiritual belief and their souls.) Later on, Zhang Yan collapsed, the evil guards hung her up with four limbs stretched out similar to Jesus being crucified on the cross, and she was already unable to lift her head. When I saw this picture, I couldn’t stop my tears, and my heart was so painful as if it was bleeding.

CCP’s Brutal Torture Reenactment: Hung Up

The following is an experience of persecution in Liaoyang Forced Labor Camp witnessed by a Falun Gong practitioner, linking to “The cruel persecution I encountered in Tieling Labor Camp, Liaoyang Labor Camp, and Shenyang Prison.” (《我在铁岭劳教院、辽阳劳教院、沈阳监狱城遭受的残害》)

In September 2000, Liaoyang Labor Camp authorities labeled Wang Dong, Wang Jinping, Lu Yanying and me as stubborn and had us secretly escorted to Masanjia to be persecuted.


4. The Sinful Masanjia

In 1999, Masanjia was a drug rehabilitation center specifically built for drug addicts, but it was not used for more than a year after it was built. Because a lot of Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoning were illegally arrested in 1999 for petitioning, Masanjia became the base for forced “transformation” of Falun Gong practitioners and was also called a “Concentration Camp.” The guards here were organized specifically for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. They were female guards drafted and transferred from No.1 Female Squad specialized in criminal offenders, and the Squad Captain, Su Jing, used to be the Captain of No.1 Female Squad.

Next to the female part of Masanjia was a male prison cell, the No.6 Male Squad cell. It.was a flat located behind the left side of Masanjia’s main entrance, less than 20 meters away from the Female Squad. Alongside the Male No.6 Squad was the only path from the Female Squad to the canteen. Their drilling, working, chanting slogans, singing, etc. could all be heard and seen from the Female Squad. Sometimes, male inmates would help female carrying rice buckets. At the time, the Female Squad Captain, Su Jing, was familiar with the Male Squad Captains. We often saw her talking with Male Squad Captains on the parade ground. At the time, various Male Squads also imprisoned many male Falun Gong practitioners.


In September 2000, the four of us, Wang Dong, Wang Jinping, Lu Yanying and I, were labeled as stubborn, and secretly sent here, to the Masanjia Labor Camp. I didn’t know where they had sent Wang Dong and Wang Jinping from Liaoyong. Lu Yanying and I were taken to the second floor. The Captain of the second floor was forty some years old Wang Naimin (later on promoted to Political Commissar for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners). The No.4 Squad Captain was Zhang Xiurong (born in 1969, promoted to Brigade Captain later for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.) Exposing Officials That Persecute Practitioners at the No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (Photos)

张秀荣把我带到大铁门的里边,叫来两个四防搜查我的行李和全身,然后又 把我带到办公室,她简单的了解了一下我个人的情况,然后叫来了两个包夹把我带到分队的室里,我到时,分队室里已有三十人了,两人一张床铺。张秀荣告诉我到马三家的法轮功学员必须都得“转化”,这里是劳教是专政机关,“转化率”已达到百分之百。
Captain Zhang Xiurong took me inside the big iron door and ordered two “inmate guards ” 〔the ordinary criminals including thieves and drug abusers whom the prison guards domineered and used as thugs to torture Falun Gong practitioners〕to search me and my luggage. Then took me to her office to briefly hear my situation and then had two “ personal monitors” (baojia) to take me to a Squad room.〔NOTE:”Baojia” are handpicked criminal inmates to persecute practitioners around the clock. The intent is to monitor and control Dafa practitioners, and assist guards in forcibly brainwashing Dafa practitioners. The guards often exert pressure and lure them with different benefits, forcing them to use all kinds of cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners.〕When I got there, there were already 30 people, two-to-a-bed. Captain Zhang told me that Falun Gong practitioners in Masanjia must all “transform,” this was a dictatorship institute of reeducation-through-labor, and the “transformation” rate had already reached 100%.

In the days that followed, I was awakened by a personal monitor (baojia) before 5a.m. every day, went behind the toilet room door and was forced to listen to collaborators 〔NOTE: Former Falun Gong practitioners who have turned against Falun Gong under brainwashing and torture. They are then made to assist in brainwashing and torturing Falun Gong practitioners. 〕They used persuadive talk all day until after 2 a,m. The guards changed shift and the new ones talked non-stop. I didn’t understand why they still kept on talking after their mouths were emitting froth. I didn’t understand their conduct after they were brainwashed. I didn’t understand their words and thoughts after being brainwashed. What had happened to them here? Why were their words all the same? They all became people opposed to the concept of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. A month later, I knew the answer.

As I didn’t “transform” after half a month of brainwashing, Captain Zhang Xiurong removed her cover of hypocrisy and revealed her sinister face. She called me to the office, asked a “inmate guard ” to bring in a square wooden stick. The “inmate guard ” proficiently put the square wooden stick on my calf. Not saying anything further, Zhang punched my head with her fist, kicked me with her feet to make me sit on the square wooden stick, and then made me half squat listening to her. She would electric shock me if the stick fell. I didn’t know what to do with this abrupt misfortune. While punching and kicking me, Zhang said that I had withstood change the longest; that the “transformation” rate of the Squad she was in charge of had been 100%; that I was the only one who hadn’t signed the three-fold “Statement of Guarantee.” Because of me, she said, her Squad would not have new prisoners coming. Today, she said, like it or not, I had to sign, even faking it, I must sign. I said I didn’t know what the three-fold “Statement of Guarantee” was and that, as a guard beating people at will, she was breaking the law while enforcing it. Zhang said, “Who saw me beating you, find the witness for me.” She saw that I wouldn’t sign. Fustered and exasperated, she called people to take me to an empty house outside the iron gate. No one was there. It was a place customized for the brutal torture of Falun Gong practitioners. Zhang picked up two large electric batons, one in each hand, and headed directly toward me. While she electric shocked me, she told me not to “refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.”

Brutal Torture Reenactment: Shocking with Electric Baton

With a cracking sound, the electric batons flashed blue light that was harsh to the eyes. She shocked me in the face, neck, hands and feet. I started breathing hard, my face started twitching, I could hardly stand upright, I was so weak that I gradually fell … In excruciating pain, I began to gaze at this life as if everything was at a standstill. Suddenly Captain Zhang appeared to be very, very small in front of me, pathetic and humble. I thought of my Master in my heart, thought of Master’s teaching, “If you are unable to love your enemies, then you cannot reach Consummation.” What kind of state that was! I had no time to think of consummation, how to love the person who electric shocked me? She was persecuting Dafa disciples, where was her life going? … I didn’t have the feeling of pain anymore, and the energy of Master’s compassion instilled my whole body. Suddenly, wicked wind began blowing wildly and thunder roared and rumbled outside the window and the sky turned dark yellow. Deafening thunder exploded right outside the window. I was completely free of fear and pain. I solemnly told Zhang I would not renounce Falun Dafa even if it was the last thought of my life. She dropped the electric batons, burst the door open and left.

A “inmate guard” dragged me back to the cell. When I woke up I saw my hands, back, face and neck were all full of burn marks and blisters. I was as thin as could be and extremely weak. While lying quietly there, I came to realize Master’s teachings and capacity. My heart was filled with gratitude and immeasurable reverence toward Master because Master taught me how to be a human being when I was suffering enormous pain.

An older woman next to me saw that my body was damaged out of shape. She advised me in tears, “Child, be persistent if you are able but.not too many people here have been able to persevere. If you really can’t hold on anymore, sign it.” I looked at that elderly Falun Gong practitioner and thought in my heart, this is how they are “transformed” by Masanjia. I was so sad that I wept.

Masanjia’s guards felt uncertain whether the “transformed” Falun Gong practitioners were indeed “transformed” so they coerced them to write things that slandered Master and things that slandered Dafa. They forced them to say bad things about Falun Gong in various meetings and then forced them to write to their local police station and to their families that it was wrong to practice Falun Gong, that they regretted it, etc. I saw the pain of those healthy practitioners, who benefitted by Falun Dafa, writing these things against their will, reversing black and white, lying to cheat. How could I be such a person?

Although being illegally detained, as a human being I couldn’t lie against my will. If I signed the “Transformation Paper” against my will and it was mailed to my hometown and local police station, it would be like a bomb exploded in my hometown and family,.They would walk in the opposite direction to the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance because of my lies. How great my sin would be then. How great the sin of all those who participated would be. How difficult it would be to make the whole world understand the truth of Falun Gong. This was the thought I had at that time. I used my life to persist, not to be brainwashed but to do what a human being should do.

Others were affected because I was not “transformed.” Captain Zhang Xiurong didn’t let me sleep all day long and ordered a group of “ personal monitors” (baojia) took turns to attack me from all sides. 〔NOTE:”Baojia” are handpicked criminals to persecute practitioners around the clock. The intent is to monitor and control Dafa practitioners, and assist guards in forcibly brainwashing Dafa practitioners. The guards often exert pressure and lure them with different benefits, forcing them to use all kinds of cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners.〕Finally I was Took to Brigade Captain Wang Naimin. Wang, who rarely let anyone see her beating or electric shocking people, forced me to squat as soon as I entered. She used two electric batons to shock me at the same time and asked me why I didn’t sign the three-fold “Statement of Guarantee.” She said, “This is a control institute of re-education-through-labor” [meaning that they were freer to use whatever means they needed to “transform” people.] I said, “I have learned Falun Dafa of my own free will. I don’t regret it. What reason do I have to write the “Repentance Statement.” The author of “Zhuan Falun” did not teach me to do bad things. Why do you ask me to write papers exposing and criticizing his book? What do I have to expose? Aren’t you afraid of being sued for the crime of entrapment? You are not afraid, but I would be if I were in your shoes. I am here because I was wrongly sentenced for the crime of ‘Disturbing the Public Order.’ Why does this Camp talk to me about Falun Gong? What do you want me to guarantee? Why should I guarantee anything to others? Don’t we have human rights here? Guards beating people is breaking the law while enforcing it,.It is a crime of aggravated assault whatever you say.” She said, “Go ahead wherever you like, sue! You even want human rights!” She electric shocked me for ten minutes or so. Once again I was carried back to the Squad. My body was extremely weak and out of shape from being persecuted day and night by them. She was afraid that I would die under her electric batons.

Masanjia would not let any Falun Gong practitioners who were not “transformed” get away. In the end, Captain Zhang Xiurong became so anxious that she gathered a group of thugs and held a meeting with them. In the evening, they left me behind the toilet room door [where no-one could see what happened]. Several “ personal monitors” (baojia) had been assigned, four in a shift, two hours each shift. Zhang gave the order: no “transformation,” no sleep. The thugs were all ready; some held wooden sticks, some held large screwdrivers, some held needles, etc. Qin Yuanqing, Wei Hongwei, and two “transformed” ones with crooked understanding of Dafa, approached and beat me. Five or six thugs from other rooms came to help them beat me. Qin and Wei bashed my head into the wall. My head and ears had buzzing sound from the beating, and the terrible beating sound could be heard in the entire corridor. They also kept on cursing Dafa and Master with vulgar words trying to force me to sign the “Transformation Paper.”

Late at night, as they were tired from beating me, they forced me to stretch my arms out in front with legs half crouched. Others held a pen and paper next to me and tried to force me to sign the three-fold “Statement of Guarantee.” Wei Hongwei used her right hand finger nails pinched to lift up the back of my hand then let go while her left hand held a needle under my arm such that my arm would drop on the needle. With this pinching to lift up and letting go to drop on the needle, in less than two hours the back of my hands were swollen like a steamed bun, and the undersides of my wrists were badly mangled and mutilated from the needle piercing. If I moved my hands, they would use wooden sticks and screwdrivers to hit and poke me. Wei whirled her hands and slapped me hard on the mouth and face. My head had a buzzing sound from this repeated slapping. She made statements out of the blue repeatedly throughout the night: “Do you know? I’ve been waiting for you for more than 1,500 years.” Her words enabled me to calm down from acute pain and messy thoughts. I strenuously opened my badly swollen eyes with only two slits left, and watched them quietly. I no longer felt the pain from needle piercing nor the beatings by fists, sticks, and screwdrivers. Watching their pathetic and terrible behaviors after being brainwashed by Masanjia, my heart bled. I shed unstoppable tears for them, I was very sad. I kept on shouting in my heart, “Master, Master!” I held no grudges against them. (When I was brutally beaten in an attempt to coerce me into“transformation,” Su Jing, Wang Naimin, and Zhang Xiurong had all been inthe toilet room. At the time, Su Jing and Wang Naimin would say in all meetings, large or small, that it was a war of the State against Falun Gong without gun smoke, the invested funds were equivalent to an international war, etc.)

During this period, all Labor Camps around the country came to Masanjia to learn the “transformation” experience, even provincial leaders came. The next day, Zhang Xiurong asked a “personal inmate” (bao jia) to hide me [while a visit took place.]

After the visitors left, Captain Zhang Xiurong ordered several” inmate guards” and various room leaders to drag me to the office to force me to sign the three-fold “Statement of Guarantee.” When I refused, she and two other vicious guards beat me up and humiliated me and tried to force me to “transform” and to sign the three-fold “Statement of Guarantee.” I refused again. Flustered and exasperated, Zhang Xiurong took a pair of scissors, approached me and pressed my head on the floor and cut my hair. As she felt she was not cutting sufficiently, she passed the scissors to a “inmate guard” to continued the cutting. They cursed while cutting. My hair was cut in such a messy way that one could not tell whether I was a man or a woman. Then, Zhang Xiurong laughed wildly and said: “This is what a mental patient looks like!” And then a bunch of thugs surrounded me and said that I looked so pale and had become psychotic because of practicing Falun Gong. At the time, Masanjia had many newcomers. I was made to look like this to scare them. They were told I had a mental disorder from Falun Gong cultivation.

In those days, practitioners being coerced to “transform” worked half the day and attended brainwash-learning the other half of the day. I had never “enjoyed” this treatment but was dragged out to be persecuted all day long. I was in a trance every day, was physically extremely weak and looked hardly like a person. I thought of my young son, what was this poor child going to do if I was persecuted to death.

My mother called. One day, Zhang Xiurong called me to the Office to take the phone call. That was the first time I had spoken to my family in one year’s illegal imprisonment. My mother on the other end of the line fell apart and cried, asked me to quickly sign the paper of repentance and come home. She said my father had an accident and had been unconscious and was hospitalized for emergency rescue. Relatives from out of town all came to pay their last visits to him. My mother cried bitter tears while talking about it. She then said that it was very hard to get the call through. If the department head hadn’t approved, she said she would not even know if I was still alive. “It is so hard to live like this day after day,” my mother lost her voice crying. Zhang took this opportunity to put the paper and a pen on the table and asked me to quickly sign the “Repentance Statement.” I said I did not regret so why was she asking me to sign the “Repentance Statement.”

回到分队,张秀荣召集全队的人开会,说法轮功就是如何没有亲情,都不要家了,她妈哭成那样她都不管。面对这场迫害带来的家庭变故, 对她的话我再也没法忍耐。我当众大声说:到底谁是邪教,是谁把我们控制到这里来的,是谁不让我们要家人,我的父亲现在死活不知,到底谁把我们关在这,断我们的亲情,天天精神控制我们。法轮功想学就学,不想学没人强逼着学。张秀荣的脸都被气青了,叫来四防把我又拽到大队长室,当着王乃民和邱萍的面上来就照着我的肚子狠踹几脚,然后打我的头和脸。当时我就感到头晕、眼花、恶心,小肚子剧痛直不起腰来,大队长王乃民过来说我装的,后来看我的脸变了颜色,张秀荣才住手。因我的孩子是剖腹产,留下的那个刀口被张秀荣那几脚踹得仿佛裂开一般的剧痛,不来月经的我下身被她踹得流出了血。
Back at the Squad (No.4 Squad), Zhang Xiurong gathered the whole team for a meeting, telling how Falun Gong had no affection for family, didn’t even want to have a family, how my mother had cried like that yet I didn’t care. Facing the family misfortune brought on by the persecution, I was unable to take Zhang’s talk any longer. I said loudly to the crowd: “Who is the evil cult after all? Who forced us here? Who didn’t let us see our family? Who kept me from knowing whether my father was alive? Who kept me here? Who cut off our family love? Who mentally controlled us every day? One learned Falun Gong of one’s own free will, no one forced anyone to learn.” Zhang was so mad that her face turned blue. She called a “inmate guard” to drag me to the Captain’s office again,. In front of Qiu Ping and Wang Naimin, Zhang kicked my stomach a number of times then hit my head and face. I felt dizzy and vomited. My lower abdomen was in such acute pain that I couldn’t straighten my back. The Brigade Captain Wang Naimin came over and said I was faking it. Zhang stopped only after she saw my face was discolored. My child was born with cesarean section. The incision left from it was in such sharp pain from the kicking it felt as if it had been split open. My genital area was bleeding I did not menstruate so I knew it was from the kicking.

从二零零零年的十月以后,多了刚来的赵素环,她被迫害得更加惨烈。三分队的邹桂荣、苏菊珍她们身上都没见过没有伤的时候,那时半夜里经常听到苏菊珍被电击的惨烈叫声,邹桂荣常被带出来羞辱游斗。赵素环笔下记录马三家迫害她的纪实,见《马三家画皮背后的狰狞—— 一位大法弟子用鲜血写出的事实真相》
Zhao Suhuan arrived after October 2000, and was persecuted even more brutally. The bodies of Zou Guirong and Su Juzhen of No.3 Squad were never seen without wounds. At that time, Su Juzhen’s screaming from electric shock was often heard in the middle of the night, and Zou Guirong was often taken out to be humiliated, criticized, and beaten by the prisoners. For the record of Zhao Suhuan’s persecution in Masanjia written by herself, see,
“The Savagery Behind the Evildoers’ Disguises at the Masanjia Labor Camp” facts written by a Dafa disciple with blood.

On March 16, 2000, for unknown reasons, Masanjia bought a lot of sports goods that were hung on the wall. The entire building was cleaned and sanitized,. All manual work products were moved to the storeroom downstairs. All persecution was stopped. A little after 8 a.m., Zhang Xiurong took out a name list. Those called out were divided into groups to watch movies in turns. The movie’s name was “Choice.”16 of the 32 in our room were called and taken to a large bus. This action was campwide, the same took place in the other camps. Those on the bus were Falun Gong practitioners who were not “transformed.” They were flanked by the reeducation-through-labor personnel. There were three large buses taking these practitioners from Masanjia to a Youth Detention Center where we were herded into the canteen. It wasn’t a movie theater. We were brought back to Masanjia in the evening. We learned later that we were taken away because foreign reporters were visiting.

One day in October, 2000, I can’t remember the date, when the Central Television Station of Chinese Communist Television (CCTV) sent focus interview reporters to No.2 Female Camp of Masanjia, I was interviewed. At that time, I didn’t know why I was suddenly called back from behind the toilet room door but I learned later that a CCTV reporter, Li Yuqiang (the one who interviewed Liu Siying of the self-immolation case) [For more information on this, see http://en.minghui.org/cc/88/ .] requested to interview a Falun Gong practitioner who was not “transformed.” Behind her was a young man carrying a video recorder on his shoulder taping me,.Li Yuqiang, holding the microphone in her hand, came up to me with a smile and asked, “Hello! You were a Falun Gong practitioner not “transformed” right?” I said, “Hello! Yes.” Still with the microphone in her hand, she asked, “Do you believed in the existence of God?” I asked her in return, “Do you believe in the existence of air? Do you believe telephone conversations could get through without wires? Do you believe there is a brutal persecution here for practicing Falun Gong?” She didn’t answer and left with her cameraman.

The following is taken from Minghui.org. It was written by Zou Guirong recording the scene with Li Yuqiang that Zou witnessed, it is on the Chinese website that translates into English: “What I Encountered in Masanjia Labor Camp.” (《我在马三家教养院的遭遇》)

“In mid-October, when CCTV focus interview reporters interviewed the No. 2 Women’s Labor Camp of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, Falun Gong practitioners of the No.3 and No.1 Divisions on the third floor were outside moving coal. When we returned with black dust all over us, CCTV reporters were interviewing betrayers in the room where I was. Eight of us who were determined Falun Gong practitioners in No.2 Division were confined in the wash room and toilet room and not permitted to come out. We were to stay in the wash room even after the black dust was scrubbed off our bodies and our clothes cleaned; and we were watched by the collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] to ensure we did not talk to each other. This was Qiu Ping’s orders. This interview by CCTV (focus interview) was a show to tell how Qiu Ping’s guards cared for practitioners and provided them with clothes. Why didn’t Qiu Ping tell them how she rejected my husband when he brought me clothes? This series of shows directed by Qiu Ping and her Masanjia female guards could fool others temporarily but not forever. Yesterday, Qiu used deceptive ways to give the impression to people in the country that Masanjia had not beaten or scolded practitioners. Few could imagine that she has been the most brutal one who beat up and threatened practitioners. How evil is that that she still continues lying to the world now.”

Li Yuqiang participated in the Masanjia Female Division’s “Falun Gong Policy Fulfilling Convention” on January 17, 2001. In order to show the outside world the so-called”Transformation Achievement,” “Masanjia” held the fifth so-called “Policy Fulfilling Convention.” At the time, Secretary of Liaoning Province Wen Shizhen, provincial level officials and several media participated in that Convention. That Convention changed “Masanjia Labor Camp” to “Liaoning Province Masanjia Ideology Education School,” the name plate had Wen’s name on it. Wen spoke at the Convention, affirmed Masanjia guards’ “accomplishments” of “transformation.” TV stations from Liaoning and various provinces participated in the Convention. The CCTV reporter Li Yuqiang who interviewed the “Tiananmen forged self-immolation case” was among them. At the time, a lot of video cameras taped that Convention, and a few hundred people attended. Wang Chunying of No.3 Squad was “transformed” by the evil Masanjia and turned into their thug and accomplice (it was heard that she awakened after returning home.) At that time, she spoke on the podium, representing ex-convicts. When she said, “Over here in Masanjia, it is the ‘spring breeze and rain’ type of education, guards are like mothers, there are no persecutions here,” Falun Gong practitioner Zou Guirong in the audience stood up pointing a finger at her and said, “You are lying!”

Wen Shizhen (Party secretary of Liaoning province), provincial level officials, the Head of Masanjia, and more than 10 other leaders all stood up at the same time. Before she finished the sentence, she was pressed down on the floor by a group of guards and thugs. Zou was carried away. The article “What I Encountered in Masanjia Labor Camp” (《我在马三家教养院的遭遇》)recorded what happened to her after being taken away.

When this happened, many video recorders were aimed at the platform. Suddenly the people on the platform all stood up awkwardly because of the commotion. Photographers and reporters immediately stopped this focus and turned their recorders in another direction and quickly ran over there. Already more than ten media had taped the scene of Zou being pressed down, dragged by the hair and being taken away by the group of male and female guards.

At the same time, we, the severely persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, were all held still by the “ personal monitors” (baojia) around us. The meeting hall was in chaos, Masanjia’s evil guards were all extremely truculent and in panic. Facing this sudden awkward situation, an unknown male leader got on the platform, took a microphone and, to smooth things over, he told the audience that it was a “stubborn” Falun Gong practitioner just now, and not to be influenced by it. The Conference ended hastily.

Although more than ten TV stations taped what went on, I hadn’t seen any of the footage. I hope some just photographers will review the scene taped at the time and let have another glance at Zou Guirong who was persecuted to death by the CCP for upholding the truth of the universe.

(To be continued)



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内蒙古再爆发牛O型口蹄疫疫情  19-02-22 14:06


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中共封锁互联网 纽时吁美国不要再容忍  19-02-22 13:56


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江峰时刻:二战美国关押日裔美国人与第442步兵团  19-02-22 13:53


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到日本旅游 中国富人竟扎堆去这种地方  19-02-22 13:51


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美军炸沉航母作为人工鱼礁 创世界纪录  19-02-22 13:51

美国海军的航空母舰奥里斯卡尼号(USS Oriskany)在二次大战之后服役,历经韩战和越战等大型战争。它在退役后被封存一段时间,后来被炸沉并长眠在墨西哥湾。现在,它是世界上最大的人工鱼礁,终日与鱼儿相伴,有时候会有潜水员去探望它。

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中共官报京沪人均收入破6万 与美国比较如何?  19-02-22 13:51


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明尼苏达大学将关闭孔子学院  19-02-22 13:51


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袁斌:中共开倒车 株连之风愈演愈烈  19-02-22 13:49


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天津市西青区政法委书记朱明鹏落马  19-02-22 13:49


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专家:防中共“纸上谈兵” 美保留一把利剑  19-02-22 13:47


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怕造反?新版语文教科书删掉了课文《陈涉世家》  19-02-22 13:21


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中共官员的贪腐超出想象 去年68名中管官员被查 逾百万官员被处理  19-02-22 13:21


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习近平放话 中美贸易战无解?美舆论强硬 国家智库出4大招  19-02-22 13:21

美国研究机构——国家亚洲研究局“转变美对华战略的经济层面专题组”发布的报告探讨了中国“重商主义的列宁主义”(mercantilist Leninist)经济政策的起源、演变和影响,以及美国如何界定目标,报告也探讨了中美达成交易的前景。

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官员买境外书刊有罪 中共政权被指惊弓之鸟  19-02-22 13:21


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全民欠钱时代隐忧 中国已在卡债危机的边缘  19-02-22 13:06


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西藏事件六十年 外宾进藏再度遭禁  19-02-22 13:06


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燕郊房价连涨两个月 1月涨幅超北京6倍  19-02-22 12:59


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【中国禁闻】2月21日完整版  19-02-22 12:39

中共外宣扰局?一天两条假新闻;美国各地华人请愿 促FBI驱逐中共势力。

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考古学家发现 巨石阵有给人治病的功效  19-02-22 12:36

考古学家Geoffrey Wainwright和Timothy Darvill说石碑四周散落的坟墓和岩石的碎屑所打造的护身符暗示了巨石阵最初出于路德它是由于被认为能治病而受到朝拜的法国神龛。

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赵薇麻烦了 遭索赔案开审 愈500单官司候审  19-02-22 12:31


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周强再陷舆论漩涡 李宁案5年未结引关注  19-02-22 12:23


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2018年 北京法轮功学员受迫害综述  19-02-22 12:21


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美中草拟6大结构性改革备忘录 若中共违规随时加税  19-02-22 12:21


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又到了无法忍受去杠杆之痛的时候!  19-02-22 12:21


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钱学森鲜为人知的另一面:大科学家为何鼓吹亩产万斤  19-02-22 12:21


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剖腹产纱布留体内 误诊肿瘤苦熬5年  19-02-22 12:19


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成都“六四酒案”过期未审 律师突遭“解聘”  19-02-22 12:16


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